Month May 2013

Month May 2013

Widespread Cheating – All May SAT Scores Nullified in South Korea

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All SAT scores for May 2013 test taken in South Korea have been cancelled in response to widespread cheating. This is a first for the CollegeBoard. “The cancellation has thrown college-entrance preparations for thousands of students into disarray. Some students now plan to travel to other countries in the region to ensure they are able to take the next test in the summer.”  Read more in the Wall Street Journal.

Resist the Velcro Essay

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Members of the high school class of 2014 would do well devoting time this summer crafting essays that are specifically written to speak to each university to which they will apply, especially if they plan to apply to highly competitive colleges.  Paul Levy of the Star Tribune posts an article illustrating the importance of the essay.  The bottom line – resist the temptation to write a one-size fits all essay.  When writing the “Why I am a good fit for XYZ University” be sure that you could not simply replace the name of the school to have a brand new essay.  Take the opportunity to reveal who you are, what you bring to that specific community, as well as specifics about why you would thrive in that environment.

ACT to Move Toward Computer-Based Testing

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Tamar Lewin of the New York Times with the following announcement.  “We are moving to a computer-based version, but for the foreseeable future, we will also have the paper and pencil test as an option for schools that don’t have the technological capability,” said Jon Erickson, the president of ACT’s Education Division. “We will probably have the option for students to choose paper and pencil, as well. But all the anecdotal evidence is that students prefer the computer.” [read more]

Colleges Cut Prices by Providing More Financial Aid

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The Wall Street Journal posts an article today addressing the tuition rates for many private colleges across the country and the move to adjust the financial aid packages in such a way as to help make their college more affordable.  “‘It’s a buyer’s market’ for all but the most select private colleges and flagship public universities, said Jim Scannell, president of Scannell & Kurz, a consulting firm in Pittsford, N.Y., that works with colleges on pricing and financial-aid strategies.” [read more]

9 Books for Parents of College Students

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San Jose State University has put together a helpful list of “text book”s to help parents understand their new role in life, the parent of a college student.   The list contains a meaningful mixture of practical advice about financing college, how to have important frank conversations, along with strategies regarding issues common to both student and parent – each with a healthy sprinkling of humor.  [read more]

Advice for ‘Smart Students’ on Succeeding in College

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Loinel Anderson of Haverford College posts an article in The New York Times recommending a set of tools for students who have always been told ‘how smart they are’ to become a standout in college.  Often students who are used to sitting at the top of their high school class struggle with being the average student in college, especially those in elite programs when that high school standout is entirely surrounded with high school standouts.  The advice is practical and logical and can be used for any entering freshman.  [read more]

Apps to Know Before You Go

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Estrela Consulting posts on the company blog a list of helpful apps that range in cost from $0-4.99 that are worth checking out.   They help the students find out the essay requirements to more than 600 schools as well as supply a college packing list, and more.  These apps are for high school juniors and seniors.  [read-more]