Services Offered

Services Offered

The Advantage of College Advising

A study in the journal Educational Evaluation and Policy Analysis has found that using college advising coaches can improve the type of college a student attends by providing the personal attention necessary for students to complete and submit quality applications.  With more than ten years of service and more than one thousand students, CollegeBound Solutions’ coaches have perfected the technique of assisting the high school student with the development and completion of an application of substance.  In this process, the student learns how to give voice to himself or herself in a manner that will have lifelong application.  Contact us today to find out what we can do for you.

Services Offered

Most students, and often their parents, feel overwhelmed by what they see as the “college application” process.  Many of the students believe this process begins with determining “what I want to do with the rest of my life?”  The pressure that most high school students feel when confronted with this question results in a range of reactions from indignant procrastination to complete avoidance.  The staff at CollegeBound Solutions specializes in advising the student in exploring career options through data driven research based assessments.   This process is designed to open doors for possible majors and programs that a student would consider when looking at college choices.  High school students in general do not know enough to decide on an exact major; colleges are set up to help with this process.  However high school students do have the ability to assess: areas of interest, skills, learning styles, work values, etc.  These are all keys to the type of educational environment the high school student would explore in terms of college.  The key is to identify colleges/universities that provide the environment for the student to continue to grow intellectually, socially, and perhaps spiritually.
CollegeBound Solutions guides students through the application process.  Great care is taken so that the student submits applications that provide the college admissions committee with a clear understanding of who the student is so that a well-informed decision can be made as the college/university attempts to put together an incoming class of students that will make up a complete community on their respective campus.  CollegeBound Solutions helps students to remain true to themselves and to resist the temptation of becoming a “well packaged” applicant where the student’s unique voice is lost.  CollegeBound students usually apply to several colleges/universities because they realize that most colleges must turn down many well-qualified applicants as they form the incoming college community.  CollegeBound Solutions takes special care to help the student to apply to all pertinent programs including honors, special talent, leadership, living-learning communities, and scholarships.
One of the capacious mysteries of the college application process is “How does an admissions committee make their decisions?”  The answers are almost as varied as there are colleges and universities. Some universities, usually public, base enrollment entirely on the numbers – grade point average (GPA) and SAT/ACT scores.  More selective public schools may have a minimum GPA and test score but they put heavy weight on other factors, most notably the application essay and the resume.  Most private colleges/universities take this second approach often adding an additional factor – the personal interview.  CollegeBound professionals attend yearly workshops and conventions to stay up-to-date on the admissions approach and help students to find their own voice as the student develops his/her application essays for admission, scholarship, and honors programs.  The essay writing process is an exercise in both self-discovery and academic perseverance.
CollegeBound students produce two resumés – one for the academic audience and another for business/community scholarship opportunities, which can also be used for employment and rushing.  One resumé is carefully designed to encapsulate the interests and accomplishments of the student in a one-page format.  The student will produce this resumé with and without a picture to meet multiple scenarios.  Click Here for an example.

The second resumé is an expanded form that details the specific activities, awards and distinctions, summer activities, etc. in which the student has participated.  This resumé is often several pages in length and is an excellent addition to a well constructed application designed to provide a more complete picture of the applicant for admission and scholarship purposes.

Paying for a college education is often one of the most expensive ventures in a person’s life.  Most parents state that a top priority in the college search and application process is finding some sort of financial aid to help cover some of the cost of a college education.  Applying for scholarships is an essential ingredient in the financial aid process. CollegeBound Solutions specializes in identifying programs that match the individual student’s talents with appropriate merit awards to help defray the educational costs for the family. CollegeBound has assisted more than 1,000 students from all of the public and private schools in Tyler as well as the majority of schools in a sixty-mile radius of Tyler.  A significant number of these students were awarded merit scholarship, some equivalent to half or a full-ride.  CollegeBound Solutions aggressively seeks to find scholarship options for every student, not just those at the top of his/her class, both those available on the college campus as well as those supported by the local community.
CollegeBound Solutions offers special classes focused on standardized test preparation (SAT, ACT, AP, Subject Tests).  The goal of these classes is to equip the student, through strategic repetition and familiarity with the exams, with the ability to achieve a higher initial score or to improve on a previous score.
CollegeBound Solutions offers individual and small class tutoring in most areas of study.  Qualified tutors work with students in grades 7-12 as well as with those in college in subjects such as all areas of math, science, Spanish, and English, either on-site or via the internet.  CollegeBound also provides small classes, 2-3 students, designed to supplement the student’s education primarily in the discipline of mathematics.  Students are assessed and then placed with students of similar ability in a curricular program with the intention of improving math skills.  CollegeBound Solutions also offers classes to help students prepare for the college admissions exams.

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"Knowing how beneficial it was to my students, I do not hesitate to recommend that other people use this service."AP, Satisfied Parent