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New Program at DePaul Saves Students Time and Money

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DePaul University announces  new programs entitled the 3+4 Pathways programs in Pharmacy and Podiatric Medicine, which allow students to become practicing professionals a year earlier than usual.

These programs enable highly qualified and motivated students the opportunity to accelerate their pursuit of a career in health. Students in the 3+4 programs will spend three years of undergraduate study at DePaul. If accepted for early admission to Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science, they complete their fourth year at Rosalind Franklin University while simultaneously beginning their graduate studies. Students will earn their bachelor’s degree from DePaul and their professional degree from Rosalind Franklin.

Pathways 3+4 programs are now in place for early acceptance into Rosalind Franklin’s College of Pharmacy and the Dr. William M. Scholl College of Podiatric Medicine. Pathways 3+4 programs are also being developed in Medicine, Physical Therapy, Pathologist’s Assistant Studies and Physician Assistant Studies.

What are the advantages for a Pathways 3+4 student?

  • They’ll follow a course of study jointly designed by health sciences faculty from DePaul and Rosalind Franklin, gaining perspective on professional health care practice and preparing for the intensity of graduate studies through key undergraduate classes taught or co-taught by faculty from Rosalind Franklin.
  • In addition to regular meetings with pre-health faculty and staff, they’ll have a dedicated Pre-health Advising Committee (PAC) advisor assigned to them who will support them as they apply to graduate programs.
  • After students complete their sophomore year at DePaul, they’ll receive early-admission consideration from Rosalind Franklin.
  • They’ll enter their chosen profession faster, foregoing a year of schooling and the associated costs.

DePaul and Rosalind Franklin created the 3+4 Pathways Program through their Alliance for Health Sciences. The alliance addresses the need for more health professionals by providing a streamlined pathway of entry to qualified students.

If you have any questions about these programs, please contact your admission representative by calling 1-800-4DePaul or sending an email to

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