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Colleges that Produce Top Earners in First Three Years

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Recent information provided by PayScale, a outsourced company that issues paychecks for millions of American workers, provides a window into the earnings of graduates from colleges and universities across the country.  So which colleges yield the highest post graduate salaries?  Anna Prior and Matthew Heimer of the Wall Street Journal’s Market Watch examined that questions.

“In an era of dubious economic milestones, it was yet another low-light.  This spring, according to the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, Americans’ total student-loan debt ballooned to more than $900 billion — higher than their total credit-card debt. And no wonder the debt is piling up: Over the past two decades, the price of tuition has risen 20 times as fast as the average college grad’s wages… Georgia Institute of Technology … deserves a higher profile — and some bragging rights. After all, it’s offering the best academic deal in America.”  [read more]

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