Colleges Cut Prices by Providing More Financial Aid

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The Wall Street Journal posts an article today addressing the tuition rates for many private colleges across the country and the move to adjust the financial aid packages in such a way as to help make their college more affordable.  “‘It’s a buyer’s market’ for all but the most select private colleges and flagship public universities, said Jim Scannell, president of Scannell & Kurz, a consulting firm in Pittsford, N.Y., that works with colleges on pricing and financial-aid strategies.” [read more]

College Reality Check

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Fabulous site sponsored by The Chronicle of Higher Education and the Gates Foundation designed to help parents and students put the language of college information on an even playing field.  The categories are net price vs sticker price, graduation rates, and graduation debt in an extremely user friendly manner.  [read more]

Questioning the Mission of College

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Frank Bruni, writing for The New York Times Sunday Review, posts an editorial discussing the future of public higher education in the State of Texas.  Based on the latest verbiage from Austin, Bruni questions:  “Do we want our marquee state universities to behave more like job-training centers, judged by the number of students they speed toward degrees, the percentage of those students who quickly land good-paying jobs and the thrift with which all of this is accomplished?”  [read more]