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College Degree – the New Minimum Requirement

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“The college degree is becoming the new high school diploma: the new minimum requirement, albeit an expensive one, for getting even the lowest-level job. ” reports Catherine Rampell of The New York Times.  Many employers with positions that traditionally have not needed any education past high school are now requiring a minimum of a Bachelor’s Degree.  The upside is that these positions can be openings to much more lucrative opportunities within the company with little risk to the employer. [read more]

Colleges that Produce Top Earners in First Three Years

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Recent information provided by PayScale, a outsourced company that issues paychecks for millions of American workers, provides a window into the earnings of graduates from colleges and universities across the country.  So which colleges yield the highest post graduate salaries?  Anna Prior and Matthew Heimer of the Wall Street Journal’s Market Watch examined that questions.

“In an era of dubious economic milestones, it was yet another low-light.  This spring, according to the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, Americans’ total student-loan debt ballooned to more than $900 billion — higher than their total credit-card debt. And no wonder the debt is piling up: Over the past two decades, the price of tuition has risen 20 times as fast as the average college grad’s wages… Georgia Institute of Technology … deserves a higher profile — and some bragging rights. After all, it’s offering the best academic deal in America.”  [read more]

College Visit Checklist

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The college visit can be extremely helpful to both the student as well as the parent in the search process.  Try to visit only 1-2 colleges in a single day so that you have to time to visit with other professionals besides those who you will meet on the college tour and by attending informational sessions.  Make an appointment with an academic adviser, eat lunch on campus and take note of the students, visit with someone in the career services office to identify the programs that they offer to help the students decide on a major/career as well the mechanisms in place for securing suitable employment following graduation, etc.  [read more]

Future of Job Interviews, via Twitter

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The day of the 140 character interview is here according to Bruce Horovitz of USA Today. ” Several tech-forward marketing companies are going where few have gone before: They’re ditching the résumé and the conventional job interview process for tweets. A simple tweet or two — sometimes called Twitterviews — can lead to a job.”  This method of interview is used by companies to tweet a series of questions and wait for the response.  This form of interview can be particularly effective with companies or positions that primarily deal with social networking.  [read more]