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Month June 2016

New Charges of Gender Bias Still Plaguing SAT

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March, May, and June have seen thousands of high school juniors and seniors study for and sit for the new redesigned SAT.  Along side the students were many professional test-takers with the primary goal of understanding the changes to the test so that they can develop better testing preparatory materials for those very important high school students.  It is these professionals who lay the claim of gender bias.  [read more]

Upcoming Changes for ACT Writing

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All of the sub-tests on the ACT are scored on a perfect score of 36 with the exception of the writing component, which will change to a 1-12 score. Some are concerned that this move will cause confusion with a population that is used to the 1-36 scale, but there is an explanation on the score report for anyone interested in reading about the new score. [read more]

Major + Skills = Job Prospects

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Goldie Blumenstyk, writing for the Chronicle of Higher Education suggests that good data exists to support students interested in a liberal arts education.  Develop some key skills along the way and good paying jobs prospects are an attainable reality, especially for those with some coding experience.  [read more]

College Return on Investment

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No matter how you look at it, college is an investment — both of time and money. Whether you’re planning to study computer science or psychology, earning potential in your chosen field, along with the cost of attendance for the schools you’re considering, should be part of the equation when whittling down your list of best return on investment colleges.

Check out the return on investment as reported by PayScale, the company with the largest salary database in the world.