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Month January 2016

Depression High Among College Athletes

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Researchers at Drexel University, Kean University, and the College of New Jersey published an article in the British Journal of Sports Medicine reporting that 25% of college athletes suffer from depression.  These results concur with other tests conducted by the NCAA.  Responding to the findings of the NCAA study, the NCAA released a document outlining the best practices for dealing with athletes in need of mental-health care. [read more]

Calling all vegetarians!!

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There is a scholarship available to graduating U.S. high school seniors graduating in the spring of 2016 who have promoted vegetarianism in their schools and/or communities.   Applicants will be judged on their ability to show compassion, courage, and a strong commitment to promoting a peaceful world through a vegetarian diet/lifestyle.  One award of $10,000 and two awards of $5,000 will be given.  Applications must be postmarked on or before February 20, 2016.  [Application]

Making College More Affordable and Accessible for All

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An unprecedented coalition of diverse public and private colleges and universities is coming together to improve the college admission application process for all students. The Coalition is developing a free platform of online tools to streamline the experience of applying to college. The initial iteration of the platform will be available to freshmen, sophomores, and juniors in high school beginning in April 2016.  [read more]

Top Majors for 2015

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Not sure what major to choose? Take a look at this list of the top majors for getting a job after graduation.  Many people think a degree in philosophy holds little promise.  But the data suggests differently.  Philosophy majors hold the highest rate of income among liberal arts majors ten years after graduation.  [read more]

Rape Charges on College Campuses Lack Resolution

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40 years ago the US Congress passed the Gender Equity in Education Act also known as Title IX.  Although most people think of Title IX in terms of equal athletic opportunities, the law covers all aspects of a school’s educational experience including the way sexual assault and harassment charges are handled on the college campus.  Federal investigators are now examining more than 250 cases that remain unresolved.  Since 2011 only 19% of the cases reported on college campuses have been resolved.  [Read more]

Open Carry and Life on Campus

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On January 1, 2016 Texas joined thirty five other states known as “open carry” states. Many parents have questions about how this affects life on the college campus, especially life inside the dorms. The Attorney General of Texas has issued a statement citing the legality of prohibiting guns on public institutions of higher learning.  [read more]

Time to file your FAFSA

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Happy New Year!! January 1st marks the beginning of FAFSA season. You can now file your Free Application for Federal Student Aid at to see what you qualify for in terms of aid for the 2016-17 school year. Be sure to use the website because it is free. There are other websites that are similar but they charge you. You should file as soon as possible even though you do not have your 2015 tax information; just use your 2014 tax return. In many colleges aid is filled on a first-come-first-serve basis so do not delay.